Tobermory & Mull

Cafe’ Fish is in the town of Tobermory on the Hebridean Isle of Mull and can be found at the very end of the village on the pier above the old Cal Mac offices.

There is no prettier port in the west of Scotland than Tobermory, Mull’s main village. It’s set in a sheltered bay with brightly painted 18th century houses that line the harbour front, pleasure yachts anchor in the protected waters of the natural harbour. 

Throughout the summer dolphins come in and play around the harbour and a family of otters live and play in the evening under the pier.

Lying at the bottom of the harbour is a galleon of the Spanish Armada.It sank in mysterious circumstances along with its treasure of gold doubloons and has eluded salvage crews ever since.

About Mull

Mull is the second largest of the Hebrides islands and is situated about 8 miles west from the mainland and the town of Oban, and about 3 miles south-west of the Ardnamurchan peninsula. It stretches roughly 45 miles in length and 25 miles in width and latest counts
indicate a population of around 3000. The island is dominated by the over 3000ft high Ben More, the only Munro in Scotland that is not on the mainland or on Skye.

Mull has demonstrably one of the greatest biodiversities of any place of comparable size in the UK, over 300 miles of Coastline, deep sea cliffs and varied wildlife. The “Eagle Island”, asit is sometimes called between bird watchers, is home to the Golden Eagle and the rare White-tailed Sea Eagle; otters, dolphins, whales and basking sharks cavort in the waters around Mull.